Full or Part Time Veterinary Surgeon
South Yorkshire

Key Points

Veterinary care and client service how it should be

A small independent traditional practice combined with the high quality and efficient care you would expect from a larger practice. 

None of the usual practice frustrations, niggles and stresses!

The practice is streamlined at every level to ensure the team can focus on what truly matters.

Experienced colleague and mentor

14 years experience, certificate holder, experienced surgeon with a passion for teaching and helping others develop their "art" of being a vet.

About the Practice

Vision & Ethos

This practice was born from the passion of two people who recognised that there was a better way to do things; a better way to deliver veterinary care to pets and create an excellent customer experience.

Here, pets get access to incredibly high quality and efficient veterinary care that provides answers and solutions instead of dead ends, and clients enjoy a closer relationship with their vet, feel truly heard and get involved in their pets’ treatment journey.  

The vision for the practice is to find a balance between being a 1 man band and a big, busy hospital. Their vision involves growing the team to 3-4 vets and have everyone in the team working at a high level, being appreciated for what they are doing (financially and also on a human level), and to have a team that does the job right and works well together. They are not aiming for huge growth because they want to maintain the personal touch they are creating. With their second vet on board, they will be able to serve more clients and continue expanding the practice, which will also include the introduction of orthopaedic services into the practice.  

The practice offers the benefits of both worlds – a small independent traditional practice where their vet is accessible and available to interact with, combined with the high quality veterinary care you would expect from a larger practice. Both the owners of this practice have worked in a range of settings, and know what high standards of care look like, and they combine it with excellent client service. 

They know that taking care of your clients starts with excellent communication. They avoid the dry and professional approach, instead they aim for a nice friendly chat and explains things in a way the client will understand. A big part of making your work enjoyable is having normal human interactions with people.


They ensures the clients understand the disease process and why they are recommending certain courses of treatment. They offer clients options, and the client decides what they want to do. They listen, and always leave space for the client to ask questions, ensuring they don’t leave the practice with unanswered questions or full clarity on what’s going to happen with their pet. Informed consent is of utmost importance to the team here. 

The vet in this practice has the art of being a vet down to a T, and has a systematic approach using tried and tested techniques to create the best client experience. Embracing a similar approach means you don't have to deal with dissatisfied clients. People come here with pets who have had ongoing problems and spent thousands on veterinary diagnostics in the past to no avail. The team know how frustrating that is for pet owners so at every step of the process they communicate clearly, explain the disease process, and plant all the seeds necessary to fully manage the client’s expectations. Doing all of these things builds trust and removes the idea that the vet just wants to make £1000s from the client.  


As a practice their prices for routine veterinary care are mid-range, because they believe routine veterinary care should be accessible and affordable to pet owners since it is part of pet ownership. Having pricing that is affordable and accessible means the team have a real opportunity to create solid client relationships, so when their pet is in for something more expensive, it removes any of the “vets are only in it for the money” ideas.  

Professional Development Opportunities 

Working with the vet here, you can expect to accelerate your veterinary knowledge and experience exponentially, with full support, guidance, mentoring and training. They have done everything soft tissue wise, as well as basic orthopaedics, and they will do ops with you together every day and teach you stuff they don’t teach at university. They can show you how to think outside of the box. After all, many people do certain things, but that doesn’t mean it is right or effective. There are things that this vet might do slightly differently from the herd, because they are far more effective, efficient and better for the pet. There is very little they refer here; they work cases up to a high standard, can quickly make sense of what is going on and provide their clients with answers and solutions. They will help you to become a vet who can handle anything that walks through the door. They will help you to deal with stress by helping you deal with clients. After all, if you know how to manage clients, 99% of the stress of the job is taken away isn't it? They will show you all their tips and tricks for working with clients and applying them in a way that leads to you developing your own style. If you are someone who dreams of opening your own practice one day, they are open and transparent about all business matters and will get you involved and exposure you to the business side of things so that you can take that knowledge forward with you throughout the rest of your career.

The vet here is poised and ready to show up for their new vet and help you develop and grow. In order for you to get the most out of your time at this practice, you need to:

  • Enjoy the variety of being a GP vet.  

  • Want to provide a high quality service.

  • Be willing to get stuck in and learn.

  • Be willing to invest time into cases and get answers and solutions for your clients.  

  • Have a real vocational spirit and see your role as a vet as your calling, not just a job. At the same time maintaining healthy boundaries with your work and aiming for a great work life balance!

  • Be a well-balanced, sociable, friendly person but also someone who understands the importance of healthy expression of emotions (because that’s allowed 😉)

  • Demonstrate resilience, maintain a positive attitude and take feedback.

  • Be open minded to different ways of working that you may not have learnt from veterinary school.

The Facilities 

Established in 2021, the practice has grown significantly via word of mouth and recommendations. They are now ready to take on their second vet to help them shape the future of this exciting new practice.

In terms of equipment, they have x-ray, an US machine, a full in house Idex lab with haematology, procyte, catalyst biochemistry analyser, idexx urinalysis, imagist faecal analsyer and microscope. They also have Tonovet Plus which is state of the art, otoscope and ophthalmoscope. Next on their wish list is endoscope, which they will invest in after they’ve hired their new vet.  The partners are keen to invest in good levels of equipment, because they recognise it makes life easier!

The partners at this practice enjoy efficiency and are always looking for solutions to streamline processes. They know that a big part of the stress of a vet’s job is wasting time on things that you don’t need to waste time on, such as paperwork. The practice management system is cloud based and runs via an app on your phone (or your computer) and has the facility to send out consent forms for e-signatures, take pictures and attach them to medical records, and answer client questions via the chat facility. The clients can download this app too and keep track of their visits, send through post-op pictures, order repeat prescriptions, and communicate directly with their vet via the chat facility. The Idexx lab also has an app where you access your online account and all the results come through there in PDF format.

The Caseload

In the few months they have been open, they have already done c-sections, cystotomies, dealt with trauma cases, all sorts of work ups and x-rays. They have quite a few chronic medical cases now, including cushings, addisons and heart cases.

Naturally with the addition of a second vet, the caseload is only going to grow bigger and better. Usually a new practice would be more routine in caseload for some time, with lots of puppies and kittens. Due to their unique location set in the heart of a residential area, and the skills and experience of the vet (emergency and critical care certificate holder and experienced surgeon), they already see a number of older and sick pets. Clients come here because they've been going to other practices and not getting proper answers about their pet's condition. This is a practice where diagnostics are discussed early on, and effort is made to provide options and all the possible outcomes of each treatment course so the client can provide informed consent and make a fully informed decision. 

Clients come here for the service and for results.  As a result, the caseload is beyond what you would expect for a practice that is less than 1 years old. 

Work Life Balance

Due to this being a brand new position, there is a degree of open mindedness and flexibility around the rota. A full time vet can work four long days a week, or four days with 2 long days and 2 short days. Everything can be considered and discussed. 

Client Reviews


"I couldn't recommend this place highly enough. They are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. You can clearly see that they care about your pets. They are reasonably priced and I am glad that we decided to go here, plus the app that you get is a fantastic idea and very helpful."

"We recently changed to use this practice. We have found them very helpful professional and they made my dogs very at ease during our time there. Every part of the consultation was explained and for the first time in a long time I am able to ask and have questions answered about my dogs care. I would highly recommend pet owners to book their next pet check up with this practice and see the difference for themselves and experience and the quality of service they offer."

"Absolutely fantastic service from first communication. The whole process was relaxing, the costs also are very reasonable. We have registered our two dogs here and plan to stay."

"If you need a vet in this area I highly recommend this vet. The whole team are so kind, friendly and caring. A professional team whose number one goal is our pets welfare. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

"Excellent service, very personal and caring staff. Wonderful to have this on the door step. Also my dog has been for countless tests until she came here, she is like a new dog now."

"To say this is a new vet practice they're really fantastic. Very friendly vet and staff who are very accommodating and cannot do enough for you. Highly recommended."

"I've visited the practice 3 times so far. I can't fault the professional service received so far. It's really important to feel confident about your vet, especially when you have older pets with lots of issues. The owners are just lovely and the vet makes me feel confident we're doing the best we can for my little old men."​