Full or Part Time Veterinary Surgeon

near Glasgow, Scotland

Key Points

Incredible Work Life Balance

Full or part time hours available.

Long days, short days, late starts or earlier finishes can all be considered.

Proactive & Flexible Management

Frequent 1:1s and annual appraisals. Pay rises given based upon self-set career goals. Development is encouraged and supported. 

Very Low

Staff Turnover

Only 1 vet has left in the 7 years this practice has been established. 

About the Practice

Established since 2014, this small animal practice has grown to 6 vets (working full and part time), and 6 qualified nurses. 

The practice culture is based on upon the values of putting the pets first, something which is regularly commented upon by clients. The practice owner leads by example but it is also the natural spirit of the team to want to do their best for the clients and their pets, and they go above and beyond to ensure clients feel valued and supported. They have around 9000 registered clients and are consistently receiving 20-40 new client registrations per week. Their client retention is very high, with clients rarely moving on to other practices. 

The practice is client and pet centred, offering 20 minute appointments as standard and therefore lots of opportunity to enhance the vet-client and vet-pet trust. 

The owner's values on a team level include making the team feel whole and special care and attention is paid to ensuring this, which includes hiring the right people who align with the vision of the practice. Regular 1:1s and annual appraisals are conducted and the practice owner is proactive in discussing pay increases. Pay rises are based upon your own self-set goals of clinical and professional development, as well as being a great vet. It's never about financial targets or performance. 

The practice owner is also incredibly respectful of people's quality of life and does all she can to accommodate people's individual needs and requirements in terms of work life balance. Whether it's due to having a family, health issues or just personal preference, nothing is too much for her to consider and the team report that this isn't an effort for the practice owner; this kindness and generosity is simply part of her being and who she is. 

"I feel like I can speak to her freely about anything."

"She is supporting, caring and fair". 

“You always feel really appreciated and valued here".

"You’re actively encouraged to put in for overtime, even if its just 20-30 mins.”

You will be joining a team of 6 experienced vets who have interests in a variety of specialisms including surgery, feline medicine, exotics and pain management. 


All clinical interests are encouraged and supported by the practice owner and the whole team. Supporting someone to progress in their area of interest is a collective effort, which is first achieved by raising awareness in the team of someone's desire to progress, and the team working together to direct those types of cases their way. There's a good balance of interests in the team and with a number of vets working less than full time and a large amount of cases to go around, there is flexibility for vets to share similar interests and still feel they are carving out their own niche.  There is always lots of case discussion happening in the practice and you're never on your own with a decision here.  


If you are ready to take a step forward clinically, this practice offers a superb learning environment and opportunities for growth.  Perhaps you are also someone that has reached the point in your career where you would like to have more of a voice within the team, more of an ability to make positive change in a practice and help to shape the future success of a business. This is somewhere you can get involved, and pursue areas of non-clinical responsibilities that interest you the most, such as clinical coaching, client education evenings, or administrative management duties. This role can be shaped around you and your interests. 

Simply Veterinary introduced two veterinary surgeons to this practice in 2015, who are still there and both are immensely happy and fulfilled. One of them recently said, "I'm so grateful you reached out to me about this practice. I wasn't looking for a new job at the time, but it has made such a difference to my life and my career. Thank you."

Are you ready to find your forever practice?