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Lead Veterinary Surgeon
(plus 1 FT Vet and 2 FT RVN positions)

Cheshire. Just 20 mins from South Manchester.

Are you ready to make a values-led decision and work for an employer that genuinely, consistently and passionately takes care of their people?

This is an employer that...


  • takes engagement, wellbeing and job satisfaction of its team to a whole new level; the level it should be in the industry. 

  • is well known for putting a metaphorical arm around people in their team and coming through for people during times of need, going the extra mile helping people through problems with children, marriage, family or illness.

  • is the face of the business, who spends all of their time caring for and nurturing teams. They could see of any of their team members and know their full names, their children's names, their pets' names even! They are truly invested in the lives of those who work for them.

This brand new independent veterinary group was established in 2021, with brand new practices opened in Berkshire, West Midlands, and Manchester. 


Although new to the market with this venture, this group is owned by someone with a proven track record of creating an incredible culture based on people engagement, wellbeing and job satisfaction. The driving force of this business is to create a family practice, something that they are proud of, that is successful and can be passed down to their children in years to come. 

Working for this veterinary group, everywhere you look you will see the ethos of "people first"; a company that will become super successful because they put care and service first. 


This company is designed on the belief that you look after your people and they will look after you, and that applies to the people working within the business and the clients too.  You will be looked after to the nth degree and enjoy a unique relationship with your employer based on deep mutual trust and respect. You will become part of the family. 

This is an opportunity to form the foundation of this brand new business, which is set to grow up to 50 practices over the next 10 years. Being part of something from the very beginning, being the face of this new brand and playing a key part in the growth and development of the business will provide immense professional and personal satisfaction and reward. 

At this new practice in Cheshire we are looking for a Lead Vet, a veterinary surgeon and 2 RVNs. 

Lead Vet

As the Lead Vet, you are responsible for embodying the values of the business and demonstrating these values in everything you do. You will create an atmosphere of support, happiness, fulfilment, encouragement and fairness. You will become the face of this new practice building the vet-client trust and forming an excellent reputation in the local community. You will lead and inspire the team to work collaboratively to shape the future of this new practice.


This position does not require extensive leadership experience, however it does require a leadership mindset - one of accountability, responsibility, growth and learning. As this is a brand new practice, you can develop as a leader as the practice and your team grows. It is suitable for someone with 4+ years experience, with a solid clinical background.


This is a full time role and although the rota is yet to be determined, it will include a four day week.


*There are plans for new practices in 2022 and beyond so if you would like to discuss this employer with the future in mind, please do reach out to me*

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