This is suited to someone passionate about medicine, as you can carve out your niche and fulfil your raw desire as a vet to help more animals and to do the very best you can do with the best available skills and equipment.


Experience the best of both worlds - the pride and joy of meeting new and existing clients and their puppies, kittens and growing pets, combined with the ability to work up cases to the highest possible level and advance your skills above and beyond that of a normal general practice ensuring you are doing the most you can do for every single patient.


Achieve a role significantly more biased towards your area of interest and enjoy an increased sense of purpose, contribution and satisfaction from being able to develop the medical side of this practice, bringing new ideas and suggestions and striving for excellence.


You may think that a partnership opportunity in an independent practice doesn't exist anymore - but it does! This practice continues to grow and the owner is ready to bring someone on board to help shape the future of what is an extraordinary and outstanding business, with traditional vet values at its very core.

The Practice & The Vision


This is an exceptional opportunity to join a cutting-edge practice providing top end 1st opinion work combined with referral level work.


Their vision for the practice is aligned with making the full range of veterinary procedures accessible to all pets. Established 6 years ago, the goal was to create a practice that does really high quality work in an atmosphere where everybody is included, where everybody feels like part of the family and where people want to come to work.


Providing referral work in a general practice setting we think fulfils the raw desire of a vet to help more animals and to do the very best you can do with the best available skills in house and best available equipment. This practice offers the best of both worlds, the pride and fulfilment of meeting new and existing clients and their puppies and kittens and growing pets, with the ability to work up cases to the highest possible level and advance your skills above and beyond that of a normal general practice clinic ensuring you are doing the most you can do for each individual patient. The practice will continue to grow incorporating a range of skill sets to ensure that cases can be approached from a multi-disciplinary level.


The Role

Here is an opportunity for a passionate medic, to drive the medicine side of the practice forward to reach a similar level of advancement to that of their surgical services. You do not already have to be a certificate holder but having the desire to work towards one means you can continue to progress your skills and knowledge in an environment which perfectly caters for your interests. Doing a certificate also aligns with the vision for the practice to offer strengths in all clinical areas. It is very achievable to say you will be able to work towards a role that is as much as 50%+ biased towards medicine, therefore being able to do more of what you love. The practice owner would love for you to have the opportunity to take charge of the area you’re most passionate about and drive this forward through bringing your own ideas and suggestions, looking at improving protocols where appropriate and being proactive.


Progression & Partnership


As a growing practice, with plans to grow by another 2 vets in the next couple of years, the practice owner recognises that as sole owner she can’t do it all and loves her clinical work and therefore would welcome someone on board who may wish to explore partnership in the near future, and in the interim get involved with management and leadership. Having dedicated several years of her career working for a corporate, the practice owner wants a solid succession plan and is ready to invite that person on board to her business now.


Facilities and Caseload


This is an incredibly well equipped practice that far exceeds most general practice clinics. However, having the best equipment doesn’t always mean it is right to use it, here they work with the client. The mindset here is making sure everything is done properly, despite potential setbacks, rather than a mindset of ‘that can’t be done’, the owner believes in having a ‘can do’ attitude but also doing things properly.


They have a great ultrasound machine, ECG, tonometry, endoscopy (including video), electrocautery, bipolar diathermy, visiting MRI scanner and will very shortly have their own CT scanner on site which they are incredibly excited about. The environment is spacious and full of natural daylight with large windows in every room. It has 3 consulting rooms, a large prep area, two operating theatres, a separate dental theatre, an imaging room and separate office and staff area.


Here, they provide a huge range of procedures and it is very rare that a case is referred out. At the same time, the practice owner loves her puppy cuddles and loves that she can provide an environment in which to become more specialist in your area of interest but still have the pleasure and joy of new young pets. The owner is a surgical certificate holder and is already an advanced practitioner and is now not far off being a diploma holder too. 


They regularly perform soft tissue surgeries like BOAS, skin flaps, gall bladder surgeries, reconstructions, complex lumps, chest surgeries, PRAs, PDAs, lung lobectomies, tie backs for laryngeal paralysis, and orthopaedics including TECA, TTAs. They also have a visiting surgeon for other orthopaedics.


Each vet works up their own cases unless they choose to pass them onto someone else. Every day each vet has the ability to operate, be it surgeries or working up advanced medical cases. The rota is structured so that everybody has time every day to have at least a couple of hours doing major work ups, sometimes longer. They have a lot of flexibility in how they arrange things and can also take a multi-disciplinary approach with a medic and surgeon working together on a case during the day.




4.5 days a week, 1 in 4 Saturday mornings

Optional on call work (until 11pm)

Nurses onsite 24/7