PT/FT Vet for independent home euthanasia service
Hampshire, West Sussex & Surrey Area

What would it be like to:


…leave work at work?

Leave your last appointment, go home, focus on yourself, your family, and have BALANCE.  

Have physical and mental distance between yourself and work.


…work flexibly and enjoy a sense of freedom in your job?
In traditional general practice roles, you’re inside all day, you’re surrounded by colleagues, clients, pets, demands, and questions. What if for 50%+ of your day, you had peace and quiet, time to yourself, space to think, space to breathe, space to reflect, space to learn even.


…feel nothing but gratitude and appreciation from clients?
How about for a while you deal ONLY with clients who want you to be there? No disgruntled owners complaining about vet bills, nobody trying to get out of paying. How about not even having to discuss costs with clients because all of that is taken care of before you even meet them? You show up, do your thing, receive thanks, appreciation, and you leave feeling you’ve done an amazing job and changed that person’s world in a really positive way.


…earn a great salary for a significantly reduced workload?
Full time, £40,000. No firefighting your way through the day anymore. A structured and organised workload, spread out evenly throughout the day with plenty of time for everything. No lengthy consulting blocks, no rushing between ops and consults. Just one task, every day, done to an exceptionally high standard, with clients who love what you do.


Hopefully at this point you’re thinking – “ahhh, really, is this a thing?!”


Yes, yes it is.


If you’ve had any dealings with my headhunting business over the last 9 years, you’ll know that we handle the more unique opportunities out there. The ones that genuinely have something super special to offer, and with employers that take care of their people in a really special way.


This role is for someone who is based in Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey area working for an independent, family run, home euthanasia service that delivers exceptionally high standards of client (and patient) care.


Starting at 10am each day (great if you’re not a huge morning person like me), you would then travel to your appointments which are located within 1.5 hours drive (covering Hampshire, parts of West Sussex and parts of Surrey). You will do between 1 – 4 visits per day, but the average is 2. Some days there are 4 visits, some days there are none. If there are none, you are paid a salary, so you get paid anyway, and that time can be used to do CPD instead for example. Each appointment is anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour, with the exception of some that may need more like 2 hours, and your diary is managed and organised so that you’ve always got plenty of time and the client has the best experience possible, with the most heart-warming memory of their pet’s passing.


If you are someone who values a good euthanasia, that has felt that frustration of juggling multiple consults around a euthanasia, and felt you weren’t giving the client and their experience your full attention, this role would be a gamechanger. One of the vets working in this business describes it as a “heart warming and gorgeous” experience, and another vet says, “it is an absolute privilege to do this job”. You are visiting the pet in the warmth, safety and familiarity of their own homes, surrounded by their family.


Although this service and the role is centred around grief, and you could easily think you wouldn’t be able to spend so much time around it, remember these pets are being given the most wonderful of passing’s. And what could be more heart-warming then seeing an owner cuddled up on the sofa with the pet completely absorbed in them, saying good bye in their own space, on their own terms. One of the vets said to me, “in that moment, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world”.


The owners are mindful of the nature of this work and after each appointment they check in to talk about the appointment, to allow you the space to verbalise how amazing it was, to express any emotion that might come up for you. You could say this whole process is cathartic. It’s meaningful and purposeful because you’re having this profoundly beautiful impact on someone’s life.


Let’s recap:

Leaving work at work:
No cases to follow up. No work ups to do. It’s a complete experience, with no loose ends, nothing to wake you up at 3am with your brain reminding you of the things you’ve forgotten to do that day, or things you need to do the next day. You finish, you go home, you enter into your personal space, your home, and you are completely present with your personal life and your loved ones.


Working flexibly and enjoying a sense of freedom:
This position can be full time, or part time, with flexibility in the hours you work. One of the vets working in this business has three children and it works perfectly around her family responsibilities. She told us how accommodating the owners are in terms of allowing her to be there for her family and earn a living. They are the type of employers who would juggle things around, accommodate your needs, you know give you the time to go to a dentist appointment if you needed it, or work your hours around your children’s school play for example.
The sense of freedom comes from being on the road each day, spending some quality time with yourself, not having to rush, and using that time in a way that works for you – listening to podcasts, listening to audiobooks, learning a new language even, or catching up with friends/family on the phone; making calls on the road that you wouldn’t be able to make if you were stuck in a veterinary practice all day.
Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like too much time alone, there’s a real sense of team in this business. You see the owners when you start your day and when you finish your day, and there is communication between everyone through the day too. Freedom is something that I know a lot of people value. It is one of my own values too, and this role offers it in abundance, more than any of the other roles my headhunting business deals with.


Feel nothing but gratitude and appreciation from clients:
I’ve touched on this quite a bit already, but to summarise – these clients WANT you in their home. They are so grateful you are there to provide this service, that you are part of this experience, and can make it the best it can be. You’re facilitating a wonderful moment for them, in a way that they’ll never forget.


Earn a great salary for a significantly reduced workload:
2-4 visits per day, sometimes none, sometimes 4. The average being 2. Salaried and paid for your contracted hours regardless of the workload, and the full time salary is £40,000. As a salaried employee you also get holiday pay and additional benefits. Holiday allowance is 5 weeks + bank holidays. Your RCVS and VDS is paid, there’s a CPD allowance, pension scheme and mileage is paid too.
Yes, in a general practice role (depending on experience) you could earn more, but I think a lot of people are realising that health, happiness, balance and freedom are more important than the money they earn. £40,000 is a generous salary, which matches up to the average salary I would say for a 3-5 year qualified vet across the UK, and you are not having to deal with about 85% of what vets in general practice have to deal with daily.


So, how does this sound to you?


There’s more we can tell you and it would be an honour to share more information with you. A member of my team will create space in their diary for you to talk through where you are in your career and your life right now, what you need right now, what you need moving forward, and how this opportunity could create a new way of life for a while, a new way of showing up to the world, to your relationships, to yourself.


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