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Each month, the team at Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters create space for 5 Complimentary Career Strategy Sessions. This is a 60 minute session, completed on the phone with one of our Specialist Consultants, to help you assess:


1. Where you are now

2. Where you want to go next

3. What obstacles might be in the way

4. How to overcome those obstacles

5. What steps to take next

We’ve had some really great feedback from those who have chosen to take part with people saying it has given them “a new sense of direction”, or they have realised what they thought they wanted isn’t what they wanted at all. Many have left their sessions feeling renewed and reenergised and have commented that they’ve been grateful for the safe space to share their thoughts and organise them into a plan of action.

The sessions are completed on a first come, first served basis. Please check availability using the button below. 

*Please note, at the moment these sessions are reserved for veterinary surgeons only.*



We feel there are many vets out there who are craving more of a sense of purpose and contribution in their role, and the ability to create positive change for the lives of pets, clients, and their fellow colleagues too. 

Join me, Rachael, for an hour long masterclass to help you:

  1. Uncover the untapped talent and skills you already have that will serve you well in a leadership role.

  2. Explore what might be holding you back and begin to break down the walls around those limitations.  

  3. Gain clarity on the type of leadership position you might be suited to based on live examples of leadership positions. 

  4. Form a plan of action on how to start developing in terms of leadership and what steps to take next.

In this masterclass, we are going to be answering questions such as:

1. What do you currently think and feel about leadership roles?

2. Where are you already a leader?

3. What are your strengths and interests when it comes to leadership?

4. What's important to you?

5. What's stopping you?