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We are incredibly passionate about helping veterinary professionals to uncover their potential and thrive doing more of what they love.

Whether you're just beginning to get curious about what opportunities could be available out there for you, or you're ready to make that move, our Bespoke Job Search Service can help you make the right move for you. 

Spaces for this service are limited each month.


Simply Veterinary offers an exclusive complimentary service, providing professional and confidential representation to those who are curious about exploring the job market, or who are fully ready to make that move.


If you're looking for just 'any' job, that is easily something you can do yourself, but those we represent in this manner have come to us because they would like to move on for professional or personal growth and therefore they have to be sure that the opportunities they explore truly offer that.


To find your ideal job, you don't have to cast your net wide, we know exactly where the best employers are and have established and trusted relationships with a large selection of practices across the UK.


Simply Veterinary is viewed as a premium headhunting service in the veterinary industry, and we are highly regarded for our knowledgeable, professional and consultative approach.
Subsequently, any veterinary professionals we represent as their Career Partner are viewed as premium and high calibre candidates, and therefore you stand out from the crowd!
Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we don't do volume recruitment. We are selective in terms of the practices we choose to work with and therefore you'll only hear about, and be introduced to, the very best of employers out there.


  • We guarantee full confidentiality and discretion.


  • We guarantee Personal Brand Protection (we believe in mutual brand representation - we are representing you and you are representing us).


  • We work late nights and weekends to provide this service and take you on this journey.


  • Before you commit to an interview, we provide all the key facts and selling points about an opportunity including the practice, the team, their culture, their ethos - we often take team testimonials. Everything you would possibly want before meeting the practice owner.


Much the opposite!


This is about opening up a world of opportunities to you that often you believe don't exist, because you don't get to look so deeply at practices like you do through Simply Veterinary.


We handle vacancies exclusively and which are not advertised. We are connected to practices that will share details of confidential or upcoming vacancies to confidentially share with our contacts.


Being represented by us opens you up to the RIGHT opportunities.

Moving jobs is going to change the course of your career and your life, and we are best placed to help you with that.