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A Brief Snapshot:

  • An ethical practice that prioritises animal welfare.

  • Experienced team with a range of certificates and interests.

  • The rota offers a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Future partnership opportunity.

  • A busy practice with a varied caseload.


The Role

The owner of this practice is keen to bring someone on board who has a vocational spirit and wants to thrive in a busy and rewarding working environment. There is an opportunity to grow with the practice and take on additional areas of responsibility and have a positive impact on the expansion and development of the business, and those responsibilities can absolutely be tailored to someone’s individual strengths and interests. Perhaps you have a creative streak in you and enjoy writing educational material for social media or creating educational material (like leaflets) for the practice. Perhaps you are more motivated by creating and organising structure and protocols and may be interested in providing a firm hand on the management of the pharmacy, or look at existing clinical standards and protocol and suggest and implement improvements, or drive the latest research. This is also a nurse training practice, so for those who achieve a real sense of purpose and fulfilment by helping others to grow and flourish, you could take on a teaching and mentoring role within the team.

The owner is also very open to developing someone to eventually join the partnership. She is not retiring for another 13-14 years, but she is keen to keep the practice independent and can put a structure in place for someone to work towards this over time, becoming more and more involved with the business and growing into more of a Director role with a salary and profit related bonuses, and ultimately buying into the practice at some point.




The Practice: Culture and Ethos


This is a long established, independent practice with a culture that is centred around being an ethical practice and prioritising animal welfare. They take a pragmatic approach to providing veterinary care, and their vets are encouraged to enjoy full clinical freedom about how to approach a case using a combination of skills and knowledge. They have a good balance between getting good diagnostics and using common sense. They are not a practice that will conduct a range of tests as a tick box exercise, any test conducted is fully justifiable and discussed in detail with the owner so they understand the benefits.


The Director of the practice became sole owner 4-5 years ago and is passionate about making it the best it can be. Her vision is focused around developing the team and producing the best service they can. As a result, there are many exciting changes and improvements being made to the practice, in terms of the service they are offering to clients amongst other things.


They are wholly committed to being an independent practice. The owner believes in having their values and ethics and team culture right in order to keep her team happy. She has worked hard on the team culture and has made a lot of progress with building up the structure of the teams within the practice which each team taking responsibility and being accountable for their areas. The business and individual team members all have a 90 day plan which aligns with the overall plans for the business. As part of this plan, the team work collaboratively to bring new ideas for improvements, and take on ongoing projects to make those improvements, reporting back at the next practice meeting on activity and results. The great thing about this team is that they WANT to do these things, everybody has a contribution mindset and enjoys having the ability to have a positive impact on the practice.


The practice is a member of Vet Dynamics, a company we work very closely with in terms of supporting their members. Vet Dynamics is a company that works with independent practices, helping business owners improve performance and to stand out from the crowd.  They believe that independent practices offer great value to the community and want them to realise their full potential in terms of business development and practice management. They work with practices on all aspects of their business, from business performance, strategies, inspiring and developing the team. Being a member of Vet Dynamics demonstrates the owner’s eagerness to remain at the forefront of innovations and being the best they can possibly be. She wants to be proactive with the practice rather than reactive and this is clear in how she approaches developing the business and caring for her team and her clients.


The Team


Four vets with 24, 23, 21 and 20 years’ experience, with certificates and interests in acupuncture, behaviour, imaging and internal medicine. There are multiple longstanding RVNs and receptionists and this is a nurse training practice too.  


The team enjoy regular outings together, including a recent trip to play Crazy Golf followed by a meal and cocktails. Their Christmas do involved an overnight stay at a local spa hotel, with spa treatments, activities, a dinner and quiz. 


This practice offers a really sustainable lifestyle. Their vets never do more than 40 hours a week. They live in a gorgeous area, and generally have very lovely clients. When the owner of this practice dreamt of being a vet when she was a little girl, this was exactly the type of practice she envisioned – a practice that is doing great work but is also nice to work at.



  • Salary in line with experience.

  • Flexible CPD budget.

  • Certificate funding.

  • 4 weeks holiday + bank holidays

  • Products available to staff pets at cost price.

  • £50 annual CPD Budget for anything self-improvement and non-veterinary related, such as yoga classes.